I have been avoiding 49 days like the plague only because 49 days doesn’t necessarily sound like a happy ending. But apparently, viewers were pleased with the ending of the drama so I decided to give it a shot. At first, I wasn’t  impressed with it. It’s only now that I am recapping it that I realize how kick ass the story line actually is. Sadly, I have a long list of dramas that I want to finish before I even look at this one. But I’m definitely planning on finishing this.Summary
Shin Ji Hyun is our main girl. She’s an atypical drama character in the sense that her life seems near perfect. She lives a privilege lifestyle as the daughter of a rich chaebol, she has an adoring fiance, and a loyal group of friends. We can also see that her bubbly, innocent personality is the result of living a well-sheltered life. The drama starts with her rushing to get to her engagement party. There, her handsome fiance, who also works for her father, Kang Min Ho, is waiting for her. They entertain guests and show signs of being a happy couple. In comes a late Han Kang; he is both her classmate from high school and Min Ho’s friend and despite his good job at hiding it, he is obviously in love with Ji Hyun as well. The drama cuts to a girl who is living a totally different life. Song Yi Kyung is a poor girl who spends her time living alone in her apartment and going to work in a convenient store. She seems hunted by something, which we later find out is a loved one’s death. Cut back to Ji Hyun. Her father urges her and Min Ho to move up the wedding. They are surprised by this but they decide to go along with it. It’s excitement all around, except for poor Han Kang who is even more miserable. Ji Hyun goes shopping for bridesmaid dresses. In the mean time, Yi Kyung is seen at the side of a road. That day is the anniversary of her loved one’s death and she is visiting the site of the accident. Suddenly, she decides that she can not bear to live any longer and throws her self in front of a truck. Luckily, a kind stranger grabs her and shoves her away from danger.
The whole ordeal causes cars to come screeching to a halting stop in a disastrous clutter. A motorcyclist cuts in front of our other main girl, Ji Hyun, which causes her to slam on the breaks and slam into a truck. She gets up, unharmed, only to realize that she is a soul staring at her own body, which seems to be in a bad condition. No one else seems to be able to see her soul except a mysterious figure dressed in black who disappears. Not knowing what to do, she follows her body as it is rushed to the emergency room. The situation doesn’t get better and she has to witness her parents grieving over her. In the hospital, Ji Hyun spots the mysterious figure again and follows him. She finds out that he is some sort of modern Grim Reaper. He had come to the accident scene because someone else was ‘due for death’, but because of Yi Kyung’s spontaneous decision, it had caused Ji Hyun to lose her life as well. Normally, Grim Reaper would guide souls to heaven but in this special circumstance he gives her a choice: she can either go directly to heaven or if in 49 days she can find three people who truly love her, she can return to her old life. The condition of the second is that she must inhabit another body in order to do so, which is coincidentally Yi Kyung’s body. She enthusiastically chooses the second option, confident that she can get the task done. The next day Ji Hyun awakens as Yi Kyung.
I love stories that address questions of mortality and the after life. They’re just incredibly fascinating because no one really knows what happens when you die so you just have to temporarily accept the ‘facts’ that the writer/director gives. The drama seems really beautifully written and the plot sounds amazing. I’m impartial to the acting so far, but we’ll just have to see. You know what I really love though? The Grim Reaper. The writers of the drama brilliantly injected a hint of humor into the drama by creating some kind of sarcastic yet totally relate-able Grim Reaper. He has that ‘I’m just trying to do my job here’ air to him along with a precocious and arrogant attitude  and I love it! I can already tell he’s going to be my favourite character. The rest of the character also seem alright; I don’t think I’m going to have a problem with the cast. However, I am wondering how they are going to go about this, especially the ending. Obviously, when Ji Hyun takes over Yi Kyung’s body, there’s going to be a drastic change in Yi Kyung’s chracter. So, wouldn’t the people who love Yi Kyung in the end technically only love Ji Hyun? Doesn’t that mean that Yi Kyung would end up once again with no one in her life? Anyway, I heard the drama ends well so I’m looking forward to how the writers solve that issue.
Why I am going to continue to watch
  • interesting plot
  • solid cast
  • nicely written
  • love the Grim Reaper character
  • pretty drama
First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 8/10
How good it was: 8.5/10
Watch it HERE

OT: Sorry for the sucky images. Do you guys know how hard it was to look for images while avoiding spoilers? Gahhh >.< My. Eyes. Must. Forget. What. They. Have. Seen.


I don’t know. People keep saying it’s good but I’m a little skeptical. Also Scheduler from 49 Days is in this! Exciting stuff. I might just have to wait until all the episodes come out and see what people say about it, then watch it. lol I know that’s lazy but a drama is a huge time investment and it pisses me off when it turns out badly. Lie to Me, for example. Can someone please tell me what was the point of Lie to Me? Anyways, that’s a whole different rant.


Goong Yoo: He’s arguably the most seasoned actor in my list. He captured my heart and my respect by perfectly portraying the role of a sexually confused main character in Coffee Prince (homosexuality is a pretty controversial topic in Korea) and he never gave neither back. More recently, he has acted in the movie The Crucible which tackles the heavy subject of abuse in a school for mentally and physically disabled children. I would need to gather all my emotional courage to watch a film like that, let alone act in it. So huge props. He has also acted in the film Finding Mr. Destiny which I have been meaning to watch forever. Really, the only reason Goong Yoo is not higher in this list is because I have yet to watch most of his works but I’ve heard from many people that he is a phenomenal actor so I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better.

*excuse the ridiculously blurry middle picture but I just could not leave out topless Goong Yoo. *___*

Hello! ^^ So I’m still hooked on Thousand Day Promise. I just finished episode 7 and I’m waiting (rather impatiently) for episode 8. And let me just say that… you guys. This drama just excels at everything. You know when you watch a drama and you can already predict what is going to happen but it takes like 308976 episodes to get there? Isn’t that the most infuriating thing ever? It makes me appreciate the writer of Thousand Day Promise that much more because she delivers the plot when it’s supposed to be delivered. I don’t think I’m even halfway through the drama yet but I’m getting all these good plot actions that usually are only saved for the last 3 episodes of a drama. Another thing I’ve noticed is the writer’s subtle use of suspense. Not every episode of Thousand Day Promise finishes with a an enormous turn-of-events cliff hanger but it still manages to make you curious enough to tune in for the next episode. All in all, this is a very hearty and filling drama in the sense that it leaves you feeling satisfied. The plot has an assured pace and it doesn’t feel like we’re heading nowhere. I highly recommend this to any one who is on the hunt for a good drama to watch!


Vanness Wu: Purely based on Autumn’s Concerto, I can safely say that the boy can act. He played the head strong and rebellious Ren Guen Xi in Taiwan’s 2010 hit drama and he played it with gusto. Strong when the character called for it and emotional when it was needed, I was absolutely satisfied with his performance. I even might have fallen in love with his character a little. -welp-

This is the start of yet another one of my silly lists to amuse you guys while I decide what drama to review or recap next. Originally this list was supposed to be about whom I believed to be the best actors in k-dramas, j-dramas, and tw-dramas but then I realized how difficult it would be to comply that list. There are so many actors and so much criteria to grade on. It would take me months to come up with a legitimate list! So, my solution? Let’s drastically narrow the selection and maybe make this a little more fun. Hence this became: Hunks That Can Act. There are exactly two criteria to make this list: 1) the actor must be hot and 2) he must be a good actor as well. Much easier to do. lol And to add to the excitement let’s do this in descending order so I get to reveal my all-time favourite at the end! To start up let’s look at the individuals that couldn’t quite make the list but I felt bad leaving them totally out of this post.


~Honorary Mentions~

Jang Guen Seuk: He was the hardest one to leave out of my top 5! This Korean actor is more pretty than handsome but he’s got a smile than that can warm just about anyone’s heart. Casting directors can not bear to let his amazing singing voice got to waste so he’s usually cast in music-related dramas.  See him in You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Roy Qiu: To be honest I have only ever watched him in one drama. He was the second male lead but he definitely stole the spot light from the primary lead with his adorable character and genuine emotions. I had the biggest drama-crush on him in Easy Fortune Happy Life (TW).

Mizushima Hiro: Okay, so his acting is not top notch but it’s bearable. lol His mediocre acting skills are a small price to pay to see his pretty pretty face on the screen. Have fun watching him portray wacky characters in Hana Kimi (JP) and Absolute Boyfriend (JP).

Ryo Nishikido: His heartbreaking performance in the Japanese tear-jerker 1 Litre of Tears immediately put this young talent on the map for me.

Jerry Yan: I’m not completely convinced he is a good actor but he was really cute in Down with Love. His greek statue-like features help a lot too. (Also do you guys see the resemblance between him and DBSK’s Changmin? It’s crazy!)

Needless to say: I have returned, if anyone still follows this blog…. *cricket* *cricket* *tumbleweed*

Where have I been? Nowhere and everywhere. Summer’s passed (which was supposed to be when I would post the most, ironically) and autumn’s is halfway to it’s end. After a short vacation in California (which was AWESOME by the way), I started university. Then it was just a lot changes, work, assignments, tests etc etc. I’m still not convince I love it to be honest. Believe it or not, throughout ALL THIS TIME, I hadn’t watched a single drama. I finished Lie to Me and Sunny Happiness before school let out and started some (City Hunter, The Greatest Love, 49 days) before that. But for nearly 4 months now I watched zero dramas. Zip. Nada. 0. Lately, however, I’ve been hearing good things about Protect the Boss so I made a resolve to watch it but somehow I ended up hooked on A Thousand Days’ Promise instead and now I don’t want to watch anything else because it might ruin the ~mood~ for me (I’m weird).  So yeah that’s what I’ve been up to. There was also this friend of mine who kept asking for advice on what dramas to watch because she is still fresh in her drama phase. Of course, I gave her the most opinionated and long explanation as to why My Princess was definitely better than Marry Me Mary (but it all ended in my recommending Snow Queen instead lol) and suddenly, I missed my blog. Since then, I had been conflicted on starting up this blog again because it takes a lot time commitment but nostalgia got the best of me. So here I am. Back and with lots of fresh ideas. ^^

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