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Goong Yoo: He’s arguably the most seasoned actor in my list. He captured my heart and my respect by perfectly portraying the role of a sexually confused main character in Coffee Prince (homosexuality is a pretty controversial topic in Korea) and he never gave neither back. More recently, he has acted in the movie The Crucible which tackles the heavy subject of abuse in a school for mentally and physically disabled children. I would need to gather all my emotional courage to watch a film like that, let alone act in it. So huge props. He has also acted in the film Finding Mr. Destiny which I have been meaning to watch forever. Really, the only reason Goong Yoo is not higher in this list is because I have yet to watch most of his works but I’ve heard from many people that he is a¬†phenomenal¬†actor so I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better.

*excuse the ridiculously blurry middle picture but I just could not leave out topless Goong Yoo. *___*


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