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My Pincess is like Lays chips; you can never just have one episode at a time. Man, that director sure is fond of putting mini cliffhangers at the end of every episode. They’re not even big cliffhangers, just tiny ones that make you say “well, I’m just going to watch the beginning of the next one…” but then you end up watching the whole episode and there it is again. The Cliffhanger. The cycle restarts. So, to any of you thinking of watching this drama, you have been warned.

Quick(ish) Summary

So without so much as an introductory segment, the drama jumps right in. We are introduced to our main girl, Lee Seol. She is a happy-go-lucky 20-something who, like most girls her age, is struggling to make ends meet while working toward her university degree. One of her odd jobs consists of dressing up as a traditional Korean princess and getting pictures taken with tourists. The day is not like any othe day because foreign Princess Stella is paying a visit to Korea escorted by young diplomat Kim Hae Young. After the festivities made in honour of her visit are done, she reqeusts to take a picture with Lee Seol. Alas, Lee Seol has just finished her shift and she has to head to her other job pronto. Hae Young, not wanting to disappoint the princess, pleads Lee Seol to just stay a little behind to take a couple shots with Stella and after much bickering Lee Seol finally agrees to this on condition that he pays her 100$ (roughly) for that one sitting. This concludes their first meeting. The audience gets a more thourough look into Lee Seol’s personal life.

She works as a Teacher’s Assistant for a histrory Professor she has a huge crush on. It seems that getting him to fall in love with her is her first priority in her life at the moment. She even constructed a scheme where she plans to travel to Egypt where ‘coincidently’ Professor Nam Jung Woo is also planning to visit. There she hopes that, surrounded by the romantic and mysterious pyramids, Jung Woo will finally fall in love with her. For that purpose, she has been saving for a gorgeous red suitcase that she occasionally visit at a departement store. On one of her visit, she meets Hae Young yet again. While she had been lusting over a 300$ suitcase, Hae Young shimmys in the jewelery section and blows 6000$ on an engagment ring he plans to give to his special someone. After a short exchange of words, (Hae Young had yet to have paid her for their deal) they part again. Later, Lee Seol discovers that she has a rival that she has to beat out if she wants to earn her professor’s love. Oh Yoon Ju is a young women who is director to a museum and supposedly professor’s first love. Lee Sol decides to attend a special exhibition happening at the museum to check out the competition which leads her to run into Hae Young yet again. Both are surprised to see each other there but  to Hae Young’s amusement, only Lee Seol explains that she came there to spy on Oh Yoon Ju.

Suddenly, Yoon Ju comes to talk to them, and to Lee Seol’s embarrassement, Hae Yong introduces Yoon Ju as his friend. Seol quickly identifies as the Yoon Ju he had bought an engamenent ring for and assumes that his affections are one-sided. She creates a master plan that is perfect to get rid of both of their problems. She will pretend to be Hae Young’s girlfriend which will in rouse Yoon Ju’s jealousy and make Hae Young more appealing. This way, Lee Seol will simultaneously pair off Yoon ju with Hae Young while leaving her beloved professor for herslef. The plan works to some extent while they lunch together if a few raised eyebrows and snarky comment’s from Yoon Ju are anything to go by. The purpose of the exhibit id finally revealed; Yoon Ju’s team has discovered a letter from the late emperor of Korea which indicates that he’s had a hidden son. End of exhibit scene. Now, the audience gets a closer look at Kim Hae Young’s personal life. He is the only grandson of a chaebol who is head of the all mighty Daehan group. His granfather is harberouing a huge secret from him that tickles his imagination because it makes his grandpops guilty enough to visit a mysterious tomb every year. He guesses that grandpa has had a love child and that he visits the mother’s tomb. When Hae Young gets back from the exhibit, his grandpa is recovering from a heart attack that happened earlier. His secretary sends Hae Young on a mission to find a mysterious person that is linked to the secret. The search coincidently brings our young diplomat to Lee Seol’s house. Wow what a jam-packed first episode, right?

Typical rom-com is pretty typical but ohwell I like it. Hehehe ^^ It took me some time to grow into Lee Seol because she is ermm… quite bubbly. Hae Young’s character is of the rich arrogant kind but he seems mature (and hot). I liked him immediately. The secondary characters are charming and multi-dimmensional; so that’s good. The plot is moving at the speed of lightning in episode one but it eventually slows down. Conlusion: it’s a great beginning sparkled with some cuteness and comedy. 
Reasons why I continued to watch

  • Lee Seol is funny.
  • Hae Young is hot; also he is not your typical cold/mean/snooty richboy. He seems warm hearted but uppity. :)
  • Pretty cinemetography
  • Funny situations

First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 8/10
How good it was: 7/10

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