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Hello! ^^ So I’m still hooked on Thousand Day Promise. I just finished episode 7 and I’m waiting (rather impatiently) for episode 8. And let me just say that… you guys. This drama just excels at everything. You know when you watch a drama and you can already predict what is going to happen but it takes like 308976 episodes to get there? Isn’t that the most infuriating thing ever? It makes me appreciate the writer of Thousand Day Promise that much more because she delivers the plot when it’s supposed to be delivered. I don’t think I’m even halfway through the drama yet but I’m getting all these good plot actions that usually are only saved for the last 3 episodes of a drama. Another thing I’ve noticed is the writer’s subtle use of suspense. Not every episode of Thousand Day Promise finishes with a an enormous turn-of-events cliff hanger but it still manages to make you curious enough to tune in for the next episode. All in all, this is a very hearty and filling drama in the sense that it leaves you feeling satisfied. The plot has an assured pace and it doesn’t feel like we’re heading nowhere. I highly recommend this to any one who is on the hunt for a good drama to watch!


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I know, I know: where the hell have I BEEN? I’ll try explain that in my next post.  But for now, have a first episode recap.

I actually stumbled across this drama by chance. As my ‘Where the HELL have you BEEN?’ post that will closely follow will tell you I haven’t watched a drama in months (blasphemy, I know).  But I recently got a new netbook and I wanted to check if it could accommodate all my regular websites so of course I headed on to dramafever. On the front page I saw A Thousand Day’s Promise and sincerely not thinking much of it (“Oh here’s another one of these overacted soap-opera-esque melodramas” were my exact thoughts) I clicked on it. BAM. Love at first episode.


So the writer immediately goes for for the hook in the very first scene. It starts with Park Ji Hyung, whose identity is still ambiguous at this point, confessing to a woman he likes, Lee Seo Yeon, in a car parked in the middle of a field. Seo Yeon admits that her feelings are mutual and their dialogue is followed by a steamy sex sequence. Perfect way to captivate a watcher, to be honest lol. Some time later, Seo Yeon is rushing to get to somewhere but gets lost in the way. We shortly find out that her rendezvous was with Ji Hyung, who had been impatiently waiting in a hotel room for an hour and a half. When she finally arrives, he blows up on her, telling her that he had been worried sick and now half their time was wasted. They argue for a while but then they start making out.

Just as it’s getting all hot, a call for Ji Hyung interrupts them. Ji Hyung reluctantly picks up the call and on the other end of the line is a cute bubbly girl (Noh Hyang Gi)  informing her ‘Oppa’  that she just came from the doctor and she was advised to use more contraceptives. At that point, I was all wtf, he’s cheating on Seo Yeon? But no. As Ji Hyung and Seo Yeon sit down for a chat, the mood obviously ruined, we find out that he’s cheating WITH Seo Yeon. Apparently, Noh Hyang Gi has been Ji Hyung’s fiance for nearly ten years. Their parents are friends, her dad is a big boss at the hospital Ji Hyung’s dad works at, and on top of that Noh Hyang Gi has been in love with him her whole life which all somehow ended up in both families expecting and planning their marriage. However for the past year he’s been having an affair, knowing that the day would come when he’d have to get married. That day, as he tells Seo Yeon, has finally been set to be in a month; they both understand that this means that this last encounter was their official break-up. Seo Yeon is heartbroken but she puts on a calm front saying she knew their break-up was coming, and she had prepared well for this moment. Ji Hyung who honestly looks like he’s ready to burst into tears asks if it’s that easy for her to let him go. That sends them in a familiar argument: Ji Hyung had proposed that they get married but Seo Yeon had refused saying that she didn’t want all the drama that would impose in her life. (To be fair to Seo Yeon though: who the hell would want some guy to propose to them by saying “Even though my parents wouldn’t approve of you and this is going to put me and my family in deep shit, would you marry me?”. It wasn’t his exact words but that was the idea and I understand that it might make Seo Yeon feel like a charity case.) Anyways, they sadly part ways.  Ji Hyung is an emotional mess and he spends the rest of his work day in a reverie as he recalls the past. Through his flashback we are given a little more information on Seo Yeon’s background. Her father died when she was young which prompted her mother to abandon her, then six years old, and her brother,then four, to fend for themsleves.

After a couple days of near-starvation Seo Yeon’s aunt finally discovered them and took them in. Ji Hyung had been a longtime friend of her cousin, Jae Min, before he fell for her and he had first seen her over at his house. In present day and on the other side of town, Seo Yeon is putting on a poker face and ignoring all of Ji Hyung’s calls but secretly crying to herself whenever she’s alone. Her brother, Moon Kwon, calls to remind her that that day they were supposed to be dining at their aunt’s. Seo Yeon seems a little alarmed since she’s been quite forgetful recently and rushes over. At their return, they realize that she left the gas stove on when she left, which could’ve been really dangerous. Once again, she freaks out that she’s forgotten such an important detail. That same night, Ji Hyung calls Jae Min, Seo Yeon’s cousin who is also his friend, out. He had been avoiding him for the past year, and he just now finally decides to admit that he had been fooling around with Seo Yeon. He asks that Jae Min take care of her for him. (I rolled my eyes at this part– drama leading males are so stupid at times, aren’t they? Men.) Jae Min is infuriated when he learns that Ji Hyung has involved his cousin in an affair when he had specifically told him to treat her right (and by ‘right’ he meant as a little sister, not a lover) as she had had a tough life. Both men part and Ji Hyung arrives home feeling even more pathetic then he really is. (He should feel pathetic. Hmph.) He finally gathers enough balls to tell his mom that he is in love with someone else and doesn’t want to marry Hyang Gi. Close up on mom’s shocked face. End scene.


Love, love, love.  The first thing I loved about this drama is that not everything is quite as it seems at first sight. We start the drama thinking this is like any old regular story about two people in love. But wait. There’s another girl involved? What? The other girl is actually the fiance and Seo Yeon is in an affair? Wow. Ji Hyung’s a jerk. Wait a minute. Seo Yeon knows she’s participating in an affair? lol That was basically my exact thought sequence for the first 10 minutes of the drama. But I love how the writers did that. It’s like we are learning more about the characters as we observe them and in this way, it’s like the characters are developing and shaping themselves right in front of our eyes. Kind of like how it would be like in real life. I’m also such a sucker for strong female leads like Seo Yeon. I love how she’s a tough cookie and although she’s had a sad past, she works hard to make a better future for herself and her brother. I really hope the writers don’t mess her up or something. Kdramas have this bad tendency to take strong female leads and turn them into these weaklings that cry in almost every episode (coughGoongcough).  But then again, the whole drama revolves around her getting amnesia so I guess that would soften anyone up. :/ Oh yeah.  Another thing I love is how a lot of the first, second, and third episode revolvearound memories sequences but the premise of this drama is that Seo Yeon is losing her memory. It’s ironic in a sense because those flashbacks are really important to the watchers to make them understand more about the characters but Seo Yeon is about to lose that hence highlighting the gravity of that loss. All in all, so far so great.

Why I’m going to continue watching

  • Great acting from the cast
  • Interesting premise
  • Tough cookie female lead
  • I want to see Ji Hyung grow some balls so I can start to like him better
  • Intricate and purposeful writing (you can tell when I writer is writing with a purpose and not just to pad the drama with enough material to cover 16 hours)
  • Interesting use of character development
First episode ratings
How much I like it: 8.5/10
How good it was: 8.5/10
Watch it here.

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