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I finally came around to watching the first episode of BFB and it was so good. Some things annoyed me though,  like the name of the fashion company is “THE style”. Why, oh why must they do this to English speakers? -.- Also, the overall budget of the drama seems rather low in my opinion. The characters, on the other hand, are pure all-around win. Daniel Choi is incredibly hilarious and Jang Na Ra is awesome albeit a little on the boring side. There’s this one scene where Daniel Choi’s character accidentally walks a fashion show runway… comedy GOLD. Anyway, I shall leave some of my rant and raves for the First Episode Summary, which I’m working on.

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So I’ve been on what I like to call a drama diet lately. I haven’t watched any new dramas since Love Buffet and which was at the beginning of April and I didn’t even finish that. It’s not intentional it’s just I can’t find anything I want to watch these days! I considered 49 days but it doesn’t really sound like it’ll have a happy ending and I’m a wuss when it comes to sad endings. Thankfully summer is bringing in a fresh batch of Happy-Ending (I hope) K-dramas and I’m so PUMPED. I figured I’d share the excitement and countdown the top 5 upcoming dramas I’m looking forward to. ^^


5) Baby Faced Beauty

This drama is about a 30-something baby-faced woman who aspires to be a fashion designer. Her story begins when she gets hired to work in a fashion design company. She is excited for her new job but she soon realizes that she has to compete with people much younger than her to get ahead of the game and win her boss’s affections.

Okay, I LOVE the main actress, Jang Na Ra. She also played in Bright Girl Success Story and My Love Patzzi, both of which were in the prehistoric era 2002. I’m really glad she’s making a comeback. So that’s the main reason I’m excited. Also, my Ugly Betty senses are tickling. I enjoy underdog turned success stories but underdog turned success stories in fashion? Even better. Finally, this drama just screams funny antics waiting to happen. I cannot wait.

3 days ago. lol I haven’t watched it yet, though. ^^

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