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This is the start of yet another one of my silly lists to amuse you guys while I decide what drama to review or recap next. Originally this list was supposed to be about whom I believed to be the best actors in k-dramas, j-dramas, and tw-dramas but then I realized how difficult it would be to comply that list. There are so many actors and so much criteria to grade on. It would take me months to come up with a legitimate list! So, my solution? Let’s drastically narrow the selection and maybe make this a little more fun. Hence this became: Hunks That Can Act. There are exactly two criteria to make this list: 1) the actor must be hot and 2) he must be a good actor as well. Much easier to do. lol And to add to the excitement let’s do this in descending order so I get to reveal my all-time favourite at the end! To start up let’s look at the individuals that couldn’t quite make the list but I felt bad leaving them totally out of this post.


~Honorary Mentions~

Jang Guen Seuk: He was the hardest one to leave out of my top 5! This Korean actor is more pretty than handsome but he’s got a smile than that can warm just about anyone’s heart. Casting directors can not bear to let his amazing singing voice got to waste so he’s usually cast in music-related dramas.  See him in You’re Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night.

Roy Qiu: To be honest I have only ever watched him in one drama. He was the second male lead but he definitely stole the spot light from the primary lead with his adorable character and genuine emotions. I had the biggest drama-crush on him in Easy Fortune Happy Life (TW).

Mizushima Hiro: Okay, so his acting is not top notch but it’s bearable. lol His mediocre acting skills are a small price to pay to see his pretty pretty face on the screen. Have fun watching him portray wacky characters in Hana Kimi (JP) and Absolute Boyfriend (JP).

Ryo Nishikido: His heartbreaking performance in the Japanese tear-jerker 1 Litre of Tears immediately put this young talent on the map for me.

Jerry Yan: I’m not completely convinced he is a good actor but he was really cute in Down with Love. His greek statue-like features help a lot too. (Also do you guys see the resemblance between him and DBSK’s Changmin? It’s crazy!)


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