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Miss Ripley was not in the least what I expected. I think I have gone soft from watching too many cute rom-com dramas because this drama struck me as very hard-hitting and serious. It’s intriguing and suspenseful but it’s neither a melodrama or a thriller. It’s hard to classify going by the first episode alone.


The drama starts with Jang Mi Ri, a young woman who works as a bar hostess in Fukuoka, Japan. She is a Korean immigrant who was adopted by a Japanese family. However, her adoptive father’s gambling habits (ohh, drama parents~~) put her in a position in which she has to work off all his debts by working in a bar. It is a job that she detests and endures solely because she was promised a visa to return to Korea the day she successfully pays everything back. Her mother, who lives in Korea, is still alive and Mi Ri wants to find her.Such a day eventually comes, and as she is promised she is given her visa. Her boss is still reluctant to let her go so she practically has to run away from him. With the help of a distraction, she is able to board her train and plane; a few hours later she lands in Korea. The difficulties don’t end here however, with only a high school diploma and no contacts, she must find a full-time job that gives her a work permit in order to be able to stay in Korea.
Meanwhile, Hotel A’s director, Jang Myung Hoon, is under pressure as a Japanese VIP guest is set to arrive soon and his only employee that could speak his native Hakata dialect has just quit. His hotel rival, Mondo Resort, already has an employee that can accommodate the Japanese guest so, the fear of losing business has him desperately searching for a replacement. We switch back to Mi Ri who is currently lodging at a boarding house. There, she bumps into our second male lead, Song Yoo Hyun, a sweet caring guy who despite his ‘normal’ exterior is also the heir to Mondo Resort.
He immediately is drawn to her at first sight but she is too cranky/tired to care or notice. After resting for the night, she begins her mission to find a job. We see her struggle and be rejected again and again because she lacks in education and experience. One interviewer even tries to take advantage of her situation by demanding a sex favor of her.  At the end of it all, she feels exasperated and tired as it all seems impossible. She’s not the only one having trouble; inside Hotel A, Myung Hoon is having a hard time finding someone with the specific Hakata accent. On top of that, he catches his attention-derived wife cheating on him and she is the one to demand a divorce. On his drive home, he nearly runs over Mi Ri who, having just escaped from the sexual assaulter, mutters angrily in Japanese. Myung Hoon immediately picks up on her Hakata dialect. He offers her a job, to which is reluctant to accept, but eventually agrees. As a condition, she asks if she is could be granted a work permit. He answers that that would be really difficult and it’s not something he can do which urges her to fib that she graduated from Tokyo University. That changes everything for Myung Hoon and he immediately hires her on the spot.

Miss Ripley for some reason reminds me of the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I am watching too many dramas with a main lead with a neat-freak-on-verge-of-OCD personality (Sunny Happiness and Lie to Me, in case you were wondering). Maybe it’s the similar theme of starting a new and better life for yourself under difficult circumstances. Anyway, the plot is nice and the characters (Yoochun’s character fits him like a glove-I love it!) are well-acted but I’m still not crazy about it. This is also one of these drama where every single detail is important so you need to watch it with full attention. I’m feeling much too lazy these days to do that. Also, there is an implied sad ending happening here. And you know how I feel about those (ie. scared of them). All in all: It’s nice but somehow, I cannot get into it. I already watched the second episode and to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to watch the rest of this drama.

Why YOU should start/continue to watch

  • great cast
  • promising plot
  • Yoochun acting cute and sweet ^^
  • the intrigue of where The Lie takes her
First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 4/10
How good it was: 7/10
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