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I have been avoiding 49 days like the plague only because 49 days doesn’t necessarily sound like a happy ending. But apparently, viewers were pleased with the ending of the drama so I decided to give it a shot. At first, I wasn’t  impressed with it. It’s only now that I am recapping it that I realize how kick ass the story line actually is. Sadly, I have a long list of dramas that I want to finish before I even look at this one. But I’m definitely planning on finishing this.Summary
Shin Ji Hyun is our main girl. She’s an atypical drama character in the sense that her life seems near perfect. She lives a privilege lifestyle as the daughter of a rich chaebol, she has an adoring fiance, and a loyal group of friends. We can also see that her bubbly, innocent personality is the result of living a well-sheltered life. The drama starts with her rushing to get to her engagement party. There, her handsome fiance, who also works for her father, Kang Min Ho, is waiting for her. They entertain guests and show signs of being a happy couple. In comes a late Han Kang; he is both her classmate from high school and Min Ho’s friend and despite his good job at hiding it, he is obviously in love with Ji Hyun as well. The drama cuts to a girl who is living a totally different life. Song Yi Kyung is a poor girl who spends her time living alone in her apartment and going to work in a convenient store. She seems hunted by something, which we later find out is a loved one’s death. Cut back to Ji Hyun. Her father urges her and Min Ho to move up the wedding. They are surprised by this but they decide to go along with it. It’s excitement all around, except for poor Han Kang who is even more miserable. Ji Hyun goes shopping for bridesmaid dresses. In the mean time, Yi Kyung is seen at the side of a road. That day is the anniversary of her loved one’s death and she is visiting the site of the accident. Suddenly, she decides that she can not bear to live any longer and throws her self in front of a truck. Luckily, a kind stranger grabs her and shoves her away from danger.
The whole ordeal causes cars to come screeching to a halting stop in a disastrous clutter. A motorcyclist cuts in front of our other main girl, Ji Hyun, which causes her to slam on the breaks and slam into a truck. She gets up, unharmed, only to realize that she is a soul staring at her own body, which seems to be in a bad condition. No one else seems to be able to see her soul except a mysterious figure dressed in black who disappears. Not knowing what to do, she follows her body as it is rushed to the emergency room. The situation doesn’t get better and she has to witness her parents grieving over her. In the hospital, Ji Hyun spots the mysterious figure again and follows him. She finds out that he is some sort of modern Grim Reaper. He had come to the accident scene because someone else was ‘due for death’, but because of Yi Kyung’s spontaneous decision, it had caused Ji Hyun to lose her life as well. Normally, Grim Reaper would guide souls to heaven but in this special circumstance he gives her a choice: she can either go directly to heaven or if in 49 days she can find three people who truly love her, she can return to her old life. The condition of the second is that she must inhabit another body in order to do so, which is coincidentally Yi Kyung’s body. She enthusiastically chooses the second option, confident that she can get the task done. The next day Ji Hyun awakens as Yi Kyung.
I love stories that address questions of mortality and the after life. They’re just incredibly fascinating because no one really knows what happens when you die so you just have to temporarily accept the ‘facts’ that the writer/director gives. The drama seems really beautifully written and the plot sounds amazing. I’m impartial to the acting so far, but we’ll just have to see. You know what I really love though? The Grim Reaper. The writers of the drama brilliantly injected a hint of humor into the drama by creating some kind of sarcastic yet totally relate-able Grim Reaper. He has that ‘I’m just trying to do my job here’ air to him along with a precocious and arrogant attitude  and I love it! I can already tell he’s going to be my favourite character. The rest of the character also seem alright; I don’t think I’m going to have a problem with the cast. However, I am wondering how they are going to go about this, especially the ending. Obviously, when Ji Hyun takes over Yi Kyung’s body, there’s going to be a drastic change in Yi Kyung’s chracter. So, wouldn’t the people who love Yi Kyung in the end technically only love Ji Hyun? Doesn’t that mean that Yi Kyung would end up once again with no one in her life? Anyway, I heard the drama ends well so I’m looking forward to how the writers solve that issue.
Why I am going to continue to watch
  • interesting plot
  • solid cast
  • nicely written
  • love the Grim Reaper character
  • pretty drama
First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 8/10
How good it was: 8.5/10
Watch it HERE

OT: Sorry for the sucky images. Do you guys know how hard it was to look for images while avoiding spoilers? Gahhh >.< My. Eyes. Must. Forget. What. They. Have. Seen.


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I know, I know: where the hell have I BEEN? I’ll try explain that in my next post.  But for now, have a first episode recap.

I actually stumbled across this drama by chance. As my ‘Where the HELL have you BEEN?’ post that will closely follow will tell you I haven’t watched a drama in months (blasphemy, I know).  But I recently got a new netbook and I wanted to check if it could accommodate all my regular websites so of course I headed on to dramafever. On the front page I saw A Thousand Day’s Promise and sincerely not thinking much of it (“Oh here’s another one of these overacted soap-opera-esque melodramas” were my exact thoughts) I clicked on it. BAM. Love at first episode.


So the writer immediately goes for for the hook in the very first scene. It starts with Park Ji Hyung, whose identity is still ambiguous at this point, confessing to a woman he likes, Lee Seo Yeon, in a car parked in the middle of a field. Seo Yeon admits that her feelings are mutual and their dialogue is followed by a steamy sex sequence. Perfect way to captivate a watcher, to be honest lol. Some time later, Seo Yeon is rushing to get to somewhere but gets lost in the way. We shortly find out that her rendezvous was with Ji Hyung, who had been impatiently waiting in a hotel room for an hour and a half. When she finally arrives, he blows up on her, telling her that he had been worried sick and now half their time was wasted. They argue for a while but then they start making out.

Just as it’s getting all hot, a call for Ji Hyung interrupts them. Ji Hyung reluctantly picks up the call and on the other end of the line is a cute bubbly girl (Noh Hyang Gi)  informing her ‘Oppa’  that she just came from the doctor and she was advised to use more contraceptives. At that point, I was all wtf, he’s cheating on Seo Yeon? But no. As Ji Hyung and Seo Yeon sit down for a chat, the mood obviously ruined, we find out that he’s cheating WITH Seo Yeon. Apparently, Noh Hyang Gi has been Ji Hyung’s fiance for nearly ten years. Their parents are friends, her dad is a big boss at the hospital Ji Hyung’s dad works at, and on top of that Noh Hyang Gi has been in love with him her whole life which all somehow ended up in both families expecting and planning their marriage. However for the past year he’s been having an affair, knowing that the day would come when he’d have to get married. That day, as he tells Seo Yeon, has finally been set to be in a month; they both understand that this means that this last encounter was their official break-up. Seo Yeon is heartbroken but she puts on a calm front saying she knew their break-up was coming, and she had prepared well for this moment. Ji Hyung who honestly looks like he’s ready to burst into tears asks if it’s that easy for her to let him go. That sends them in a familiar argument: Ji Hyung had proposed that they get married but Seo Yeon had refused saying that she didn’t want all the drama that would impose in her life. (To be fair to Seo Yeon though: who the hell would want some guy to propose to them by saying “Even though my parents wouldn’t approve of you and this is going to put me and my family in deep shit, would you marry me?”. It wasn’t his exact words but that was the idea and I understand that it might make Seo Yeon feel like a charity case.) Anyways, they sadly part ways.  Ji Hyung is an emotional mess and he spends the rest of his work day in a reverie as he recalls the past. Through his flashback we are given a little more information on Seo Yeon’s background. Her father died when she was young which prompted her mother to abandon her, then six years old, and her brother,then four, to fend for themsleves.

After a couple days of near-starvation Seo Yeon’s aunt finally discovered them and took them in. Ji Hyung had been a longtime friend of her cousin, Jae Min, before he fell for her and he had first seen her over at his house. In present day and on the other side of town, Seo Yeon is putting on a poker face and ignoring all of Ji Hyung’s calls but secretly crying to herself whenever she’s alone. Her brother, Moon Kwon, calls to remind her that that day they were supposed to be dining at their aunt’s. Seo Yeon seems a little alarmed since she’s been quite forgetful recently and rushes over. At their return, they realize that she left the gas stove on when she left, which could’ve been really dangerous. Once again, she freaks out that she’s forgotten such an important detail. That same night, Ji Hyung calls Jae Min, Seo Yeon’s cousin who is also his friend, out. He had been avoiding him for the past year, and he just now finally decides to admit that he had been fooling around with Seo Yeon. He asks that Jae Min take care of her for him. (I rolled my eyes at this part– drama leading males are so stupid at times, aren’t they? Men.) Jae Min is infuriated when he learns that Ji Hyung has involved his cousin in an affair when he had specifically told him to treat her right (and by ‘right’ he meant as a little sister, not a lover) as she had had a tough life. Both men part and Ji Hyung arrives home feeling even more pathetic then he really is. (He should feel pathetic. Hmph.) He finally gathers enough balls to tell his mom that he is in love with someone else and doesn’t want to marry Hyang Gi. Close up on mom’s shocked face. End scene.


Love, love, love.  The first thing I loved about this drama is that not everything is quite as it seems at first sight. We start the drama thinking this is like any old regular story about two people in love. But wait. There’s another girl involved? What? The other girl is actually the fiance and Seo Yeon is in an affair? Wow. Ji Hyung’s a jerk. Wait a minute. Seo Yeon knows she’s participating in an affair? lol That was basically my exact thought sequence for the first 10 minutes of the drama. But I love how the writers did that. It’s like we are learning more about the characters as we observe them and in this way, it’s like the characters are developing and shaping themselves right in front of our eyes. Kind of like how it would be like in real life. I’m also such a sucker for strong female leads like Seo Yeon. I love how she’s a tough cookie and although she’s had a sad past, she works hard to make a better future for herself and her brother. I really hope the writers don’t mess her up or something. Kdramas have this bad tendency to take strong female leads and turn them into these weaklings that cry in almost every episode (coughGoongcough).  But then again, the whole drama revolves around her getting amnesia so I guess that would soften anyone up. :/ Oh yeah.  Another thing I love is how a lot of the first, second, and third episode revolvearound memories sequences but the premise of this drama is that Seo Yeon is losing her memory. It’s ironic in a sense because those flashbacks are really important to the watchers to make them understand more about the characters but Seo Yeon is about to lose that hence highlighting the gravity of that loss. All in all, so far so great.

Why I’m going to continue watching

  • Great acting from the cast
  • Interesting premise
  • Tough cookie female lead
  • I want to see Ji Hyung grow some balls so I can start to like him better
  • Intricate and purposeful writing (you can tell when I writer is writing with a purpose and not just to pad the drama with enough material to cover 16 hours)
  • Interesting use of character development
First episode ratings
How much I like it: 8.5/10
How good it was: 8.5/10
Watch it here.

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Miss Ripley was not in the least what I expected. I think I have gone soft from watching too many cute rom-com dramas because this drama struck me as very hard-hitting and serious. It’s intriguing and suspenseful but it’s neither a melodrama or a thriller. It’s hard to classify going by the first episode alone.


The drama starts with Jang Mi Ri, a young woman who works as a bar hostess in Fukuoka, Japan. She is a Korean immigrant who was adopted by a Japanese family. However, her adoptive father’s gambling habits (ohh, drama parents~~) put her in a position in which she has to work off all his debts by working in a bar. It is a job that she detests and endures solely because she was promised a visa to return to Korea the day she successfully pays everything back. Her mother, who lives in Korea, is still alive and Mi Ri wants to find her.Such a day eventually comes, and as she is promised she is given her visa. Her boss is still reluctant to let her go so she practically has to run away from him. With the help of a distraction, she is able to board her train and plane; a few hours later she lands in Korea. The difficulties don’t end here however, with only a high school diploma and no contacts, she must find a full-time job that gives her a work permit in order to be able to stay in Korea.
Meanwhile, Hotel A’s director, Jang Myung Hoon, is under pressure as a Japanese VIP guest is set to arrive soon and his only employee that could speak his native Hakata dialect has just quit. His hotel rival, Mondo Resort, already has an employee that can accommodate the Japanese guest so, the fear of losing business has him desperately searching for a replacement. We switch back to Mi Ri who is currently lodging at a boarding house. There, she bumps into our second male lead, Song Yoo Hyun, a sweet caring guy who despite his ‘normal’ exterior is also the heir to Mondo Resort.
He immediately is drawn to her at first sight but she is too cranky/tired to care or notice. After resting for the night, she begins her mission to find a job. We see her struggle and be rejected again and again because she lacks in education and experience. One interviewer even tries to take advantage of her situation by demanding a sex favor of her.  At the end of it all, she feels exasperated and tired as it all seems impossible. She’s not the only one having trouble; inside Hotel A, Myung Hoon is having a hard time finding someone with the specific Hakata accent. On top of that, he catches his attention-derived wife cheating on him and she is the one to demand a divorce. On his drive home, he nearly runs over Mi Ri who, having just escaped from the sexual assaulter, mutters angrily in Japanese. Myung Hoon immediately picks up on her Hakata dialect. He offers her a job, to which is reluctant to accept, but eventually agrees. As a condition, she asks if she is could be granted a work permit. He answers that that would be really difficult and it’s not something he can do which urges her to fib that she graduated from Tokyo University. That changes everything for Myung Hoon and he immediately hires her on the spot.

Miss Ripley for some reason reminds me of the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I am watching too many dramas with a main lead with a neat-freak-on-verge-of-OCD personality (Sunny Happiness and Lie to Me, in case you were wondering). Maybe it’s the similar theme of starting a new and better life for yourself under difficult circumstances. Anyway, the plot is nice and the characters (Yoochun’s character fits him like a glove-I love it!) are well-acted but I’m still not crazy about it. This is also one of these drama where every single detail is important so you need to watch it with full attention. I’m feeling much too lazy these days to do that. Also, there is an implied sad ending happening here. And you know how I feel about those (ie. scared of them). All in all: It’s nice but somehow, I cannot get into it. I already watched the second episode and to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to watch the rest of this drama.

Why YOU should start/continue to watch

  • great cast
  • promising plot
  • Yoochun acting cute and sweet ^^
  • the intrigue of where The Lie takes her
First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 4/10
How good it was: 7/10
Watch it here

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My Pincess is like Lays chips; you can never just have one episode at a time. Man, that director sure is fond of putting mini cliffhangers at the end of every episode. They’re not even big cliffhangers, just tiny ones that make you say “well, I’m just going to watch the beginning of the next one…” but then you end up watching the whole episode and there it is again. The Cliffhanger. The cycle restarts. So, to any of you thinking of watching this drama, you have been warned.

Quick(ish) Summary

So without so much as an introductory segment, the drama jumps right in. We are introduced to our main girl, Lee Seol. She is a happy-go-lucky 20-something who, like most girls her age, is struggling to make ends meet while working toward her university degree. One of her odd jobs consists of dressing up as a traditional Korean princess and getting pictures taken with tourists. The day is not like any othe day because foreign Princess Stella is paying a visit to Korea escorted by young diplomat Kim Hae Young. After the festivities made in honour of her visit are done, she reqeusts to take a picture with Lee Seol. Alas, Lee Seol has just finished her shift and she has to head to her other job pronto. Hae Young, not wanting to disappoint the princess, pleads Lee Seol to just stay a little behind to take a couple shots with Stella and after much bickering Lee Seol finally agrees to this on condition that he pays her 100$ (roughly) for that one sitting. This concludes their first meeting. The audience gets a more thourough look into Lee Seol’s personal life.

She works as a Teacher’s Assistant for a histrory Professor she has a huge crush on. It seems that getting him to fall in love with her is her first priority in her life at the moment. She even constructed a scheme where she plans to travel to Egypt where ‘coincidently’ Professor Nam Jung Woo is also planning to visit. There she hopes that, surrounded by the romantic and mysterious pyramids, Jung Woo will finally fall in love with her. For that purpose, she has been saving for a gorgeous red suitcase that she occasionally visit at a departement store. On one of her visit, she meets Hae Young yet again. While she had been lusting over a 300$ suitcase, Hae Young shimmys in the jewelery section and blows 6000$ on an engagment ring he plans to give to his special someone. After a short exchange of words, (Hae Young had yet to have paid her for their deal) they part again. Later, Lee Seol discovers that she has a rival that she has to beat out if she wants to earn her professor’s love. Oh Yoon Ju is a young women who is director to a museum and supposedly professor’s first love. Lee Sol decides to attend a special exhibition happening at the museum to check out the competition which leads her to run into Hae Young yet again. Both are surprised to see each other there but  to Hae Young’s amusement, only Lee Seol explains that she came there to spy on Oh Yoon Ju.

Suddenly, Yoon Ju comes to talk to them, and to Lee Seol’s embarrassement, Hae Yong introduces Yoon Ju as his friend. Seol quickly identifies as the Yoon Ju he had bought an engamenent ring for and assumes that his affections are one-sided. She creates a master plan that is perfect to get rid of both of their problems. She will pretend to be Hae Young’s girlfriend which will in rouse Yoon Ju’s jealousy and make Hae Young more appealing. This way, Lee Seol will simultaneously pair off Yoon ju with Hae Young while leaving her beloved professor for herslef. The plan works to some extent while they lunch together if a few raised eyebrows and snarky comment’s from Yoon Ju are anything to go by. The purpose of the exhibit id finally revealed; Yoon Ju’s team has discovered a letter from the late emperor of Korea which indicates that he’s had a hidden son. End of exhibit scene. Now, the audience gets a closer look at Kim Hae Young’s personal life. He is the only grandson of a chaebol who is head of the all mighty Daehan group. His granfather is harberouing a huge secret from him that tickles his imagination because it makes his grandpops guilty enough to visit a mysterious tomb every year. He guesses that grandpa has had a love child and that he visits the mother’s tomb. When Hae Young gets back from the exhibit, his grandpa is recovering from a heart attack that happened earlier. His secretary sends Hae Young on a mission to find a mysterious person that is linked to the secret. The search coincidently brings our young diplomat to Lee Seol’s house. Wow what a jam-packed first episode, right?

Typical rom-com is pretty typical but ohwell I like it. Hehehe ^^ It took me some time to grow into Lee Seol because she is ermm… quite bubbly. Hae Young’s character is of the rich arrogant kind but he seems mature (and hot). I liked him immediately. The secondary characters are charming and multi-dimmensional; so that’s good. The plot is moving at the speed of lightning in episode one but it eventually slows down. Conlusion: it’s a great beginning sparkled with some cuteness and comedy. 
Reasons why I continued to watch

  • Lee Seol is funny.
  • Hae Young is hot; also he is not your typical cold/mean/snooty richboy. He seems warm hearted but uppity. :)
  • Pretty cinemetography
  • Funny situations

First Episode Ratings
How much I liked it: 8/10
How good it was: 7/10

Watch it on:


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Right now I’m on Episode 5 of Dream High but I decided to go back and do a quick summary of Episode 1 for people thinking of watching this drama. I always like first episode summaries because you get an idea of what the drama is going to be about but because it’s only the first episode, there is virtually no spoilers (except in the case of Snow Queen but that’s another story). So without any further ado:
Quick(ish) Summary
At the very beginning of the drama, there is a clip of the first Korean singer winning the Grammy awards in 2018 which is supposed to be some kind of foreshadowing (I guess?). The face of the singer is not shown and he/she is mysteriously name K.Then, the voice of the Director of Kirin High School narrates explaining that even though you may give the same lessons to students, you can never determine what paths they will take.                       
The story starts with snobby and cold Hye Mi. She’s a rich girl who has beauty, talents, and an acceptance at Julliards for her singing skills. But, no one, even her follower/best friend, Baek Hee, knows that her dad is in huge debt because his business failed and debt collectors are harassing her entire family. Her dad also left the country leaving her and her sister to fend for themselves. There is a scene where she tries to escape the debt collectors right after singing beautifully in a concert. 
Enter handsome Jin-gook. He is some sort of street kid who hangs around with break dancers in his spare time. He had met Hye Mi earlier when his best friend had tried to steal her wallet. So, he decides to help Hye Mi out and miraculously manages to escape the debt collectors and save Hye Mi (OH Kdrama heroes with super fighting skills how I love thee). Hye Mi is not in the least way grateful. She blames him for stealing a picture of herself from her wallet earlier.  Jin-gook is insulted and this is the beginning of a beautiful love/hate relationship. It is impossible to get rid of debt collectors that easily, however; even in kdrama land. The debt collectors soon take Hye Mi away to their lair. The boss, who fancies himself a ‘thinker’ instead of a ‘fighter’, says that he came up with a plan to get Hye Mi to pay back the money. She shall audition and get into Kirin High School, graduate, and become an idol (that boss is pure evil, I tell you. Pure EVIL). But, Hye Mi looks down on Kirin High. Why attend Kirin when greater things await her at Julliards? Mr. Boss threatens to make Hye Mi’s younger sister work if she refuses the offer and so she is forced to accept. Fast forward a few days. Quite a few people are the audition including Jin-gook  who is only there to support his break-dancing friend. 
Baek He also decided to audition to Hye Mi’s surprise. They perform a duet together but by some strange twist of fate, Hye Mi is rejected and Baek He is accepted. Hye Mi is embarrassed and blames the teachers for not recognising talent when they see it. Then, she remembers what will happen to her if she fails the audition and to everyone’s surprise (the auditions are broadcasted for other students to see) she kneels down and begs the judges to accept her. End scene.
Honestly, I thought this first episode was kind of lacklustre. The cast shows mediocre acting at best and the plot is cheesy at times (I’m looking at you debt collector boss). Soundtrack sounds pretty cool tough.
Reason why I continued to watch
  • I like the cold snobby main girl character idea. Its been done before but I always enjoy watching the development as viewers see that she actually has a heart of gold etc. etc
  • Interested in how the best friend/follower will change now that she surpassed Hye Mi in something. It should be interesting to watch.
  • My friends are pressuring me to watch it.
  • Pretty characters are pretty.
First Episode Rating
How good it was: 6.5/10
How much I liked it: 6.5/10


Watch it on

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