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Note:  I have only watched 9/13 episodes of this drama, so my entire review is based on those nine only. Also, this review is going to be on the short side so I think putting my [in a nutshell] section would be unnecessary. Let’s jump right in!
Episodes: 13
Stars: Yu Huang Yun, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen
For fans of: Playful Kiss (Korean and Taiwanese), Romantic Princess (TW), Down with Love (TW)
It’s one of those dramas again. You know the type: more cheese than substance, more pretty characters than complex characters. But I don’t have a problem against that! Bring on the cheese.
The plot for this drama is very minimalist. There is like one main plot and one minor one and that’s it, which is not bad I guess. It means that the drama is more straightforward and to the point; no irrelevant and random side stories here.
The story revolves around Hu Xia Feng who has that sweet girl-next-door thing going on. She is a first-year university student and she aspires to be a social worker. However, her life takes an interesting turn when two cousins (not her cousins.. that would be gross), A Yi and Da Ye, move upstairs of her apartment. The two boys are rich heirs to their grandfathers and they were both sent away to study at Xia Feng’s university in hopes that A Yi could forget a painful love.
 Da Ye who is funny and outgoing instantly cozies up to Xia Feng and it doesn’t take much time for Xia Feng to develop a crush on him. A Yi on the other hand is a more quiet and reserved type who at first seems to dislike our main girl but who ultimately ends up becoming close to her. After spending much quality time with Da Ye, Xia Feng finally gathers enough courage to confess her feelings. Unfortunately, she finds out that Da Ye doesn’t reciprocate them. Hurt, she turns to A Yi who comforts her only to end up falling for her. The problem is that A Yi still hasn’t gotten completely over his past love. At the same time, Da Ye is also slowly falling for Xia Feng’s charms. Who will end up with Xia Feng in the end?
The Acting
This is a silly drama therefore the acting isn’t top notch. Most of the characters are either overacted or underacted. A lot of the actors have difficulty portraying the right amount of emotion. Aaron Yan plays his role well but even then I would say it’s still lacking. Yu Huang Yun is okay.
Well, we have Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen here so how could this drama not be pretty? The music on the other hand is nothing spectacular.
Additional Commentary
I was fine with this drama until I found out that the one I like wasn’t going to get the girl. Then I was just angry.(biased opinion)On a more serious note, this drama is nothing nutritious. It’s like candy, sweet while it last but not exactly satisfying in the end. You know what I mean? Just don’t watch it expecting to be wowed by the acting or directing or scriptwriting or something because you really won’t enjoy it. Watch it for the fun of it.
Overall Rating:
how much I liked it: 4/10 (because I’m biased :P )
how good it was: 5/10
Do I recommend it?

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I watched Love Buffet! It’s this cuteasabutton Taiwanese drama. But ohmylawd was it frustrating. The main girl was okay at first (although overlybubbly, in my opinion) but as the drama got on she just wore me down because she changes crushes like she changes clothes. Like seriously. It just goes against all drama rules. Main girls are supposed to like the main guy throughout the majority of drama. Or else people like me will get confused and won’t know who to root for. Okay? Good.


Alright you got me. I’m just butthurt because the guy I liked isn’t the guy that gets her in the end. *sobs* Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It’s just so tragic. Here’s this guy who is so flawless and perfect but then BAM something happens and you can see that he isn’t going to end up with the girl. Nope. He is destined to be #foreveralone.

Anyways, I stopped watching Love buffet around episode 9 or so (I know I’m being a baby about this). It really wasn’t all that bad, if I’m objective. I’ll try to do an unbiased mini-review for it sometime soon.

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